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05 February 2007 @ 12:52 am
Today has been an okay day.The colts one the superbowl!YAY!Anyho,I really don't give a care about football.I have just been bored all day,I have watched Pance Off Dance Off and the Descent twice on all day pay perview.I like The Descent.It tis good.I am so bored and kinda lonesome.My school is having a two week break and normally I would still being doing work cause I am just homeschooled through them but they won't order me anymore work until after the break and I have finished all my books so far.Oh well,it's nice not having any school work to worry about.During this two week break hopefully me and my bestie Amie and my sis can hang out.I think I will try to make it up to Nashville on weekend during this break to see my cousin Maggie.That would be nice.We could go see a movie and maybe I could bring Amie and we could go to Opry Mills.That would be fun.I guess I need to start planning it out and calling up everyone and discussing this idea with my mother.Man,the Wicker Man with Nicholas Cage in it sucks monkey butt.It was sooo bad and wtfish.Ok,how many effing ppv commercials do you have to show between showing The Descent?Huh?This is my third time watching it.That's how bored I am.And seeing how long this entry in just shows you even more how bored I am.I got that book Ville read and got the idea for Dark Light from,you know The Dark Light?I have been reading it and it's pretty good.It's sad how the mum dies and the girl,I have forgotten her name,has to be taking away from that boy she likes.Oh,See No Evil is no good,well,that's what I think anyway.Wow,I got that all day thing for The Descent and it's the next day and it's still letting me watch it.Awesome.I would tell you about all the lovely concerts I shall be attending but it seems that doesn't work out for me so I won't.After the concerts I'll write a detailed enty about it and maybe with some pictures.Sweet,I know.Anyho,I think I have written enough for now,live long and prosper.=]
Current Mood: boredi am so bored i am crying see.
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07 January 2007 @ 04:06 pm
requiem for a dream is the best movie eva.
at least it is one of them.
don't cha think?
well,i do.
22 August 2006 @ 11:24 am
Hi,today is a pretty boring day as usual.Just fixing up my myspace and trying to fix up my LJ.I'm very excited about some concerts I'm going to soon.I'm going to Buzzfest on the 26 of this month which is a festival featuring Staind,Three Days Grace,Breaking Benjamin,Cowboy Mouth,Evans Blue,Soil,Black Stone Cherry,Ligion,and Luna Halo.I'm going to it with my mother,my sister Caitlin,and my best friend who's like a sister Amie.Then four days after Buzzfest I get to go to Rob Zombie and Godsmack with Shinedown.I'm going to this one with just my mother,and Caitlin.I have already been to two concerts before,Kelly Clarkson with the Graham Colton Band and HIM with Aiden.The Kelly Clarkson with the Graham Colton Band was a pretty good concert.I went to it about,maybe a little over,a year ago.I went to the HIM with Aiden one on 5-5-06 in Atlanta.It was the best day/night of my life.The concert was the best concert ever and waiting inline for the concert was actually quite enjoyable.I loved it!!!There was so many cool people that loved HIM surrounding me and it was a blast talking to them.Besides the fact the concert was effing awesome.Ville was so beautiful and sexy.He never took off his shirt but he did take off his jacket.And once during the concert,he raised his arms up(I don't remember why)and I saw his stomach tattoo!I thought I was going to faint.:)
Well,I think I have written enough.Once I start writing sometimes I get a littlw carried away.
Live long and prosper :D.
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24 July 2006 @ 01:12 pm
Well,today is another boring day.Right now I'm watching Darkness on Starz and talking to my best friend on the phone.MY friend has just gotten a LJ today.Her username is himlover14.I have finally written a poem.It sucks but I'm glad I have actually written something.I try to write a song,story,or poem at least once a day.I might post some of my work once I start getting better at writing.I am trying to make my LJ more interesting and better looking.Cause I want a prettyful LJ :).My friend is wondering how rubbing two sticks together makes fire.If you know then please tell me for I can tell her and she'll shut up about it.Anyway,I'm gonna fix my LJ now. Live long and prosper :D.
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